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March-2009-The economic detergent-ruler of the year

With 210 mil of € market value,this year the consumers were more demading and carefull in choosing laundry detergent.The accent is now on... (details)
March 23rd-25th 2010 CleaningRomania is participating at Pulire Espania in Madrid.

On it's 5th edition,this show has proved its importance on the Spanish Cleaning Market and not only.With an 8.9% increase in visitors and a 20%... (details)
What was the stake for the foreign retailers to gain a spot on the market?

Last year the battle of the big retailers for winning clients was centered on promotions and private label offers. Hypermarket operators were... (details)
Detergents,soap and drinks had the biggest fall last year

The food sales dropped 5% in volume compareing to 2008,on a market that large retail stores continued their raise with an 8% advance. Drinks... (details)
CleaningRomania at Cleaning Show

Between 14th and 17th  of April 2010  Romexpo Center,Bucharest will be the host of the largest Cleaning Fair for household and... (details)

What we do

Are you looking to promote your business on Romania?

 We help Exporters, Manufactures, Service Providers sell their products/services to business buyers/users. The service is provided for both domestic as well as international markets. We would act as your virtual salesmen for your company & help increase your business by getting orders for you The main concept behind formation of this special section is to bring them all together,those who are eager to enter the Romanian market.

As we know from our personal experience as importers,the international trading is the future.If you don’t act,your competitors can take your market share.

If your  Company intends to sell products in the Romanian market, you probably need Daxi to represent you at that level. We will help you locate potentially profitable markets and sell your services and products abroad. We can be your representative agent and we can do this because:
*We know the Romanian market
*We understand the people and the culture
*We are experienced in business development
*We are action oriented and produce quantifiable results.
*We’re well-connected in the business community and have access to decision makers.
* It’s important that your agency representative speaks your language (we do) because many a time important business communication gets lost in translation. Using our services, you can get access to marketing resources that smaller firms find difficult to develop right away

  We all need to buy goods and services every day in our life. It’s almost a routine matter with us but we also face problems every now and than.
Here are some helpful tips to consider while entering international markets:

 1.Never enter international markets if your product is not ready
 2.Never underestimate the complexity of export assignments.
 3.Objectives, strategy alternatives, action plans are necessary to sustain a company in the long term export market.
4.Choose your market carefully. Take the help of you representative in understanding the target market, if the need arises.


If you choose us to represent you,we will always make sure to demonstrate the core values and principles of your business at all times.


DAXI will...


1.formulate and implement marketing strategies ensuring your objectives are our objectives.


2.maximise your sales without adding to your costs.


3.effectively minimise resource expenditure through outsourced expansion.


4.promote the sale of your products, relay purchase orders to you and remit market information.


5.represent your business in new markets, effectively multiplying your customer base.


6.provide comprehensive reports detailing performance, areas for improvement, opportunities, competition and threats to your business. 




 The moment you start thinking of exporting  products and services abroad, the first step is to develop a marketing plan for this expansion. Allow Daxi to do this for you. Only this very process of marketing plan development will give you a clear idea whether your project is viable or not.If you have successfully served your domestic market, you can do equally well in the international market as well. All you have to do is pay detailed attention to research, planning and customer service and you need access to marketing resources developed by Daxi.Most of the time the buyer abroad behaves in the same way as does your local buyer. He or she is only looking for a fair priced product with good quality. He also wants to be sure the product will remain available in future depending on market demand. If you can set aside some percentage of your production for foreign markets and service these areas consistently, you can develop a good market potential there as well.


Export management


Exporting can offer your business unlimited potential to expand and increase profits.
On the other hand,embarking on a new foreign trade venture in an unknown market can be risky, very complex, costly and overwhelming for many businesses. Many small and large businesses alike lack the expertise, physical facilities, time and other resources necessary for international expansion.

We can assist you by:


Research, then specifically design and implement a detailed strategic export plan for your business.


Offer advice and solutions,and,if required actively launch your business in Romanian market.


Provide continuous extensive market research.


Provide comprehensive reports detailing performance, areas for improvement, opportunities, competition and threats to your business.


Maximise your sales without increasing your costs.



Import management


Irrespective of the size of your business,if you import directly products will give you a market edge over your competitors.It will help diversify your product range, exposing your business to a broader customer base as well as offering exclusivity in certain product ranges.

Many businesses are afraid of trading internationally as it can be a costly and complex process if not approached correctly.

Risks associated with regulatory non-compliance, financial factors and security can discourage many potential importers.


In consenquence,we can help you to:


Implement a strategic importing plan designed specifically for your business.

Keep you informed of opportunities and trends worldwide.

Provide continuous market research reports.

Provide comprehensive reports detailing performance, areas for improvement, opportunities, competition and threats to your business.

Reduce your costs and exposure to the risks of trading internationally.


Project management


If you are thinking of running a project in Romania,and you live somewhere else, you are on the right page. We can be your project manager without letting anybody feel that you are not present in the country. Any questions?Here are the answers.


We are Organized

We consider ourselves an organized company and we can easily keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. We are excellent in managing documents, schedules, contracts, project reports, e-mails and status reports among others.


We are Communicative

We are good in communication, though that doesn’t mean just giving presentations. We are as detailed in any kind of communication, be it oral or written.We are also good at exchanging ideas, that too without any confrontations or imposing views on lower ranks. We are also great at negotiating.


We Solve Problems

We have an uncanny knack of finding out which problem belongs where. We can quickly find out some alternative solutions, decide the best course of action and execute it properly.


You need to build?


Romania is a very beautiful country with a lot of sightseeing.The Black Sea and the mountains bring a few millions of tourist every year.

If you want to expand your activity in Romania and you don't want to rent we can help you build.

Either is a plant or a building office there is no challenge we can't manage.

We can help you from the purchase of a domain,building plans,projection,authorization,local legislation to the interior design.